Monday, 9 December 2019


Technology is getting addicted to everybody that online shopping is getting more and more expensive.
Most  supermarkets for example  warehouse , pakinsave , countdown and more are using online shopping  for us to pay more , when we don't have the time to even drive or walk to the market .  Online shopping is not worth the money .  Because the "online shopping " is getting  expensive people don't see the price .  They are more interested in getting what they need than , looking at , how much they are spending their money.   Once the people see how much they just spent , they will have regrets

Wednesday, 30 October 2019



Sharks are everywhere only in some places .  Did you know that sharks don't even have bones that is weird because when they swim the look straight.  This report is all about sharks and facts that may surprise you.

  1.  Sharks have good eyesight .

Their eyes are special they can see in the dark.  You can never hide. They are fast to let you know.  Their high speed is 50 km/h. Others are more faster than 50km/h. 

  1. Shark skin feels like sandpaper.

Usually when you touch a fish it feels slimy.  When you touch a shark , there's a big difference.  It almost feels like sandpaper . people don't really know how the shark feels because usually the shark would eat them.

  1. Sharks have been with the Dinosaurs

Did you know that sharks have been with the dino age.  455 - 425 millennium years or more is how long the sharks were with the dinos.
Scientists don't even know if that's true because they wouldn't know because they have not even seen it themselves ,  so it can not be true at all.  

  1. Most sharks have good eyesight

Most sharks can see in dark lit areas in the sea.  Sharks have night vision and can see colours in the dark.  The back of the sharks eyeballs are called tapetum scientific name is tapetum lucidum.  This tapetum helps the shark see in little light.

  1.  Sharks actually are  blue

Lastly the blue shark displays a  very brilliant blue color on the upper level portion of its body it  is normally snowy white beneath. The mako and porbeagle sharks also exhibit a blue coloration, but it is not nearly as brilliant as that kind of a blue shark. In life, most sharks are brown, olive, or grayish kinda.

Monday, 28 October 2019

School Is Fun

School Is Fun

School is cool,
School is fun,
Playing in the rain,
Playing in the sun

Learning new things,
Reading and maths,
Numbers in your head,
Words that  you have

Interval at 11,
Playing with friends,
Wishing and wishing like a genie,
That the fun won’t end

Doing our spelling,
Writing down ten,
Always hard to write ,
I’ll have to write it again

School is the best,
Because I like to be with my friends,
All the time I use,
Is school time I spend.

By : Sebastian age 10

Sunday, 27 October 2019



Triangle Writing




Different questions

Homework is cool
Homework is fun

I go to Mrs Riley saying
Mrs. I´m done 

Sometimes it's hard 
 I always need help
Sometimes I feel that  I’m stuck in shell.

1,2,3,4  more more more more
What's the country that set ashore?

My homework is good it makes me think,
Words and numbers is just a thing.

Your brain is running like running a hill,
Is your going fast or is it staying still?

Homework is good for you and you,
Without homework what’ll you do ?

Saturday, 26 October 2019



Triangle Writing




Reading , writing , math

Having friends
On task work


Friday, 25 October 2019



Triangle Writing

After School Talk




After School

Yesterday  after school my friends and I went on discord ( a thing where you talk for gamers ). We were well they were talking about trading bey-blades or well that's what i think.  Soon wait there were 4 people in the call Texas , Satui , Halasika , and I . Halasika got bored and I had asked him if “do you want to play some Krunker?” Krunker (online shooting game) and he said “yes”.

Playing Krunker

It took well 20 mins for me to share the link to Halaska lol.
Eventually  He got the link and we started playing.  He was using a shotgun and I used a sniper.  He had kept losing the game and we stopped. We both got bored .  I had asked him, “What happened?” he said “ I’m going to sleep”. I said “ ok bye “

The end.

Wednesday, 25 September 2019